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Gestión del riesgo de emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero en incendios forestales

Greenhouse gas emission risk management in forest fires

Once the strategic lines of forest fire prevention and management have been established, they need to be reviewed and updated over time in order to adapt to social, economic and environmental changes, especially given the current context of climate change, which poses new challenges for sustainable forest planning as well as for management policies and instruments.

The groups established in the different REMAS regions allow for active participation in these reviews. This way, the risk of emissions is included and contemplated within the operational plans for forest fire prevention be it by demarcation or forest district and at local level.

Likewise, thanks to these working groups, the importance of carbon stock management is made visible, determining the most vulnerable and preferential areas to be included in territorial management measures.

Objetivos/ Objectives

The aim of the working group is to establish expert committees from research bodies, public administrations and private organisations, into three sub-groups – public sector, professional associations and general associations – to coordinate the development of strategies for the prevention and management of forest fire.

The objective of this action is therefore twofold:

  1. The inclusion of measures to safeguard carbon stocks to ensure a reduction in the risk of greenhouse gas emissions due to the proper management of these stocks.
  2. The prioritisation of prevention and management actions after forest fires for the early restoration of the soil-vegetation function and the increase of ecosystem resilience both at regional level and the establishment of these common measures at transnational level.

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